Sunday, September 27, 2009

The week ahead...

'm technically on "vacation" starting tomorrow.  We leave for a trip to the beach with my husband's family on Wednesday.  So, Emma gets to go to daycare Monday and Tuesday - leaving me two full days to get stuff done.

Stuff like a whole-house cleaning, putting out fall decorations, packing for the trip, making a guest list for a party at the end of the month, finishing and mailing a few orders, making a bunch of inventory for a Holiday Bazaar at my church coming up in November, ordering food and buying decorations for Emma's first birthday party, which is on Saturday after we get back from the beach, setting up the guest room for our friends and their two boys who are coming in to town the day we get back from the beach, finishing some reading for the financial planning class I'll miss at church this week, and making some snacks to take to the beach....and maybe, just maybe, cashing in on my mother's day spa gift certificate and getting a pedi/mani.

Yeah.  Two days. No problem.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Now, for some fun.  Take a look at this awesome idea for Pop Top Treat Cans from Emily over at Not So Idle Hands.  

I've got an idea how to use this for the keep a watch out.  Since it's such a busy week, not sure how often I'll be posting - but will try my best!  Make it a GOOD DAY!

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