Tuesday, October 13, 2009

5 Day Forecast Calls for Fever, Ear Infection and Rash

So for almost the last entire week I've had a poor sick kid on my hands.
Last Monday I thought she had pink eye: doctor visit #1.  

Then by Wednesday night she had a fever, but low enough I dosed her
up with Motrin and we stuck it out until her 12-month
scheduled checkup on Friday: doctor visit #2.  

That revealed a bad ear infection, which led to prescription
of Augmenten (high powered antibiotic because she's had
so many ear infections).  Rough weekend getting over the fevers,
which spiked at 104 on Friday.  She started acting more like
herself on Sunday, just to develop an out-of-the-blue rash
on her belly, back, neck, and forehead yesterday evening.
So, off we go in about an hour for doctor visit #3.

This has been my past week.
I'm stressed.
They've not been GOOD days.

I think it's time to introduce
(watch for logo coming soon)

Turn it Around Tuesdays calls for finding the GOOD
in a bad situation.  The silver lining, if you will.
Turning-your-frown-upside-down sort of thing.

I'll get us kicked off.  Amidst all this sickness,
fussy moods, lack of sleep, gagging on medicine,
fevers, missing work, hubby out of town,
entire bottle of milk leaking all over the fridge...
I've been able to actually cuddle with my munchkin.
My usually on-the-go, no-time-for-sitting-still,
gotta-go-explore one year old has wanted nothing more
than to sit with me and let me hold, rock, caress and
sing to her.  She wants me. I make her feel better. Safe.
What's better than that?

And there is your first Turn It Around Tuesday.

Starting next week, I'll be asking all of you fabulous
readers to share your Turn It Around moments.
Like I've said before, sometimes your day is GOOD
all on its own.  But sometimes you have to hunt the good,
track it down and pull it out in front of the bad
and be thankful in the midst of trial, challenge and struggle.

In the meantime, I'd appreciate your prayers as
we continue recovering in our house.

Thanks - wonderful you!

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