Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feels Like Fall

Being outside today makes me think of words like
with the wind whipping around
and thinning leaves scratching each other
as they find their resting place for the winter.

The awesome autumnal weather
also made for a perfect pumpkin picking day!
(I just love alliteration!)

Emma took looking for the perfect pumpkin seriously!
And met a new friend along the way.
She looked, and looked, and looked
for the perfect pumpkin.
"This one's too small."
"This one's too big."
"Finally!  This one's just right."
Wait, that's OUR little pumpkin!
After finding the perfect pumpkin,
it was time to head style!
Emma insisted on riding home with her
pumpkin in her lap.  Silly girl.
I thought this variety was beautiful.
I'd never seen this kind before.
Anyone know what they're called?
This was really a perfect afternoon.  Just the 3 of us.
Chilly fall weather (we LOVE fall around here).
And a perfect little pumpkin now sitting on our porch.

Hope your day has been blessed!

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