Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You Were Made to Be Loved

Wanna know what made today GOOD for me?  While making a Chic-Fil-A run for lunch, Toby Mac reminded me how special I am to God.  He created me just so he could love me and let me love him in return.  Little old me.  With all my glaring imperfections.  And even though I sometimes neglect to set aside time for him.  He loves me. He loves YOU.

But I especially love the way Toby (we're on a first name basis ever since I played through two copies of DC Talk's Jesus Freak CD years ago) puts it in his song "Made to Love."

I was made to love you, I was made to find you
I was made just for you, made to adore you
I was made to love, and be loved by you
You were here before me
You were waiting on me
And you said you'd keep me
Never would you leave me
I was made to love, and be loved by you.

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