Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thy Will Be Done

We've got something big brewing over here. Things that have me feeling a bit introspective. My adorable, talented hubby just interviewed for a pretty big-deal job....and did well. We won't know for possibly two weeks whether or not he gets the job, so we're waiting.

I've been having mixed feelings. Most of the time I an thrilled and want to scream from the mountain tops how fabulously proud I am of my sweetie just for being considered for such an awesome job. (I promise there will be more to tell about the job once we know for sure.)

However, I'm also feeling apprehensive every now and then. You see, this job would take my husband away from home traveling the better part of a year or two. Wow, right? I'm so committed to helping Eric make this dream a reality - but it would mean so much change for our family. Would Emma do OK without her dad around for a while? Am I strong enough to be a single parent for that long? How would this effect our relationship? So many questions.

So while we wait for an answer, we've been praying fervently a very specific prayer. It's not long and complicated or even specific. But it IS what I believe to be the most profound and important prayer. "Thy will be done." At church, our pastor has recently referenced this prayer often. I think God's trying to tell me something - He's good at that, isn't He? If we're listening.

We don't have control over many things in life. We aren't the ones who ultimately decide whether Eric gets this job. But, I do have control over trusting God. By praying this prayer, I am trusting God to lead us in the direction He wants us to go. If we strive to align our actions with God's will for our lives, how can we possibly go wrong?

This is comforting. If it's God's will for my hubby to get this job, then I have to trust He'll give us the strength to survive it...maybe even thrive because of it.

So, while we wait, we pray for God's will be to clear to us. But I'm still going to smile a little bigger, squeeze my sweetie's hand a little tighter, and tell a friend here and there the exciting possibilities on our horizon.

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  1. The greatest lesson we can learn is to turn our lives over to our Heavenly Father. It's such a feeling of peace to know that whatever happens will be OK if we let Him be in charge. I think it's awesome that you've learned this lesson so young.

  2. Wow, how exciting...good luck! My husband travels every week for work & I will tell you it is hard (you really are basically a single parent). But, I just remind myself that he has a good job that allows me to stay home with our daughter, and what could be greater than that! If it comes to that, you can do it! And with faith like yours, you will be just fine!

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  4. That's a tough situation. I will be praying His will be done over your lives!

  5. Teresa, I'm so excited for Eric, but I totally can see a reason for all of your questions, and I think they are good questions! It's beautiful to see families who really consider how each individual's decisions will effect the rest of the family. I know the Lord will honor that and will guide you with wisdom by His Spirit and His Word! I'll be praying for you all! Love you!