Thursday, November 5, 2009

Emma's Playing Favorites

Lately, we've been having some rough nights with this little cutie pie.

She's always been a great sleeper, but for the past week

or so she's been waking up a few times a night. 

It all started after the hubby came home from being

out of town for 3 weeks. The night he was back home she started

waking up as early as 12:30, fussy and hard to get back to sleep.

This has continued for about a week or so....

...until last night.

Last night Emma slept ALL night - not waking up until

6:30 this morning and in a great mood.

What made the difference, you ask?

Hubby went out of town again.

Am I a horrible wife for thinking this is hysterical?

I got the BIGGEST kick out of telling him on the phone

this morning that she didn't even make a peep until the sun was up!

He vowed to never come home again (joking of course.)

But I was tempted to tell him he wasn't allowed to come

home from work until after she was in bed.

Maybe she's old enough to get excited when she wakes up in the

middle of the night and knows dad is home in the other room?

Maybe she's giving him chances for parenting since he's been away (ha!).  

Either way, in all seriousness, I'm super glad the little munchkin

slept all night - which meant Mom slept all night.  It was a wonderful

morning with the sun streaming through the golden leaves,

the birds chirping, and two good-mood gals getting ready for our day.

Love you, babe!  (hee hee)

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