Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lesson in Accountability

I used the following cute story in today's post on my other blog. Click here to see that post, but I wanted to share with you too.

A Sunday School teacher set out a bowl of apples for the class with a sign under it that read, "Take Only One, God's Watching." At the other end of the table was a large platter of cookies. In child's handwriting, a sign sat below it that read, "Take as many as you want, God's watching the apples."

Our pastor used this as an introduction to the discussion that, while it can be both good news and bad news, God sees all. But not just that, God sees all, knows all, understands all and comes at all times. What wonderful news!

Hope it's a good day for you all.


  1. What a cute little story. :) I have a couple of awards for you on my blog.

  2. Hey I wanted to give you an award too. Check it out.