Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tips for a Good Day (from out there in Blogland)

I thought I'd get back to the roots of this blog today, and talk about some things that help make it a GOOD DAY. The best part, all of these ideas come courtesy of fellow bloggers with great ideas! I just love giving credit where credit is most certainly due! Thanks for the wonderful tips, ladies.

1. Kitchen Quickie: Shine Your Sink (from The Nesting Place)
2. Beat post-Christmas Crafty Blues: Paper Quill Hearts (from Under the Table and Dreaming)
4. Secret to Throwing the Best Birthday Party *sweet* (from Joys Hope)
6. Display Art Work like a Pro (from At Second Street)
8. Make a Happy List (from Farm Girl Paints)


  1. Thanks for the shout out:) Do you have a cold or something? I see soft klennex made your list. That was so funny!

  2. Thanks for the link up! Greatly appreciate it! Off to check out your blog!