Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Day Ambassador: Farmgirl Paints

I am thrilled to begin a new, exciting feature here at It's A Good Day.
Every month I will feature a "Good Day Ambassador" --
a fellow blogger who does a particularly wonderful job
at bringing "good" to the forefront for her readers.

Our VERY FIRST Good Day Ambassador is
Becky from Farmgirl Paints!

I've been following Becky for several months now and have
time and time again been inspired, challenged, and
made to laugh out loud at her real-life approach to blogging.
Here's what she says about her blogging philosophy:

I guess my blogging philosophy is simple.
God has given us this life and I feel like it's meant to be shared.
So I share mine, the ups and downs...the every day.
Having a blog has given me a voice to talk about my faith
and show that being a Christian doesn't necessarily
mean that I have it all together. I struggle...we all do,
being honest and real is what I think has made my blog grow.

All good bloggers offer something that keeps their readers
coming back. For me, it's Becky's unwillingness to shy away
from the tough, not always pretty parts of life.
It's what makes her relatable, which is, in fact, what we
all want in a good blog, isn't it? But blogging about the
not-so-pretty parts of life would not earn her this
Good Day Ambassador title. No, it's her ability to shed light
and truth on even these dark moments, like in this post.

And who can't relate to her recent post, Kiss and Tell
in which she admits to a fight she and her husband
had on Valentine's Day. We've all been there!
But what a funny, honest, lovely post!

Becky doesn't stop at the Blogger log-in window.
Her Etsy store gives us all the chance to have our
own piece of her encouraging, joyful creativity.
Take a look at some of these awesome collages!

Above all, Becky inspires me with the way she finds ways
to honestly and openly share her faith in God in a way that
encourages and comforts (I hope) her readers. I have
especially enjoyed her Love Dare posts, like this one.

Are you convinced yet at Becky's awesomeness?
Don't take my word for it, go check her out!
Thanks to Becky for using her blog as a great place
to spread some "good" around, in some way, everyday.

Nominate the Next Good Day Ambassador!
Want to submit someone's blog and name
as a Good Day Ambassador?
Click "Write Me" to the left and tell me!
Be sure to include their blog address.


  1. What a great idea... I do love Farmgirl Paints. She is very inspiring. Nice choice. :)

  2. Oh Teresa,
    That was so amazingly sweet. Not sure if I deserve any of that praise, but thank you so much! I am so honored and blessed by this post:)


  3. Hear, Hear! (Or Here, here, whichever one you use) I most heartily concurr! Wonderful choice!

  4. Love following Becky at Farmgirl Paints! She's a sweetie and soooo inspiring:)

  5. Great choice! She is a such a sweetie! I absolutely love her blog!


  6. I LOVE HER! Thanks for posting this and honoring her. She is super down to earth and loves her family and the Lord.

    So glad I found your blog!


  7. Do you know why, all of a sudden, I can't follow any blogs? As soon as I hit follow, a "security confirmation" prompt comes up, and I can't see anything to type? So confused. Please help if you have any clue...

    curly2880(at)yahoo(dot)com. I've been trying to follow your blog all day.


  8. Traci, I had my blog set to accept follower requests from anyone, so not sure why you're getting a security confirmation prompt. Maybe try again tomorrow? I also can't find a place to add you myself. Sorry!