Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Do They Know...

Enchanted is one of my favorite movies for so many reasons: It has Amy Adams, is filmed in New York City, and has super cute musical numbers with dancing and "That's How You Know" in the clip above.

This song makes me think about Valentine's Day coming up and how we really, truly show our spouses, boyfriends, and families how much we love them. How do they know?

Now, I am certainly NO expert on being the perfect wife, friend or mother. But one thing I firmly believe is how important it is to actually SAY, "I love you" to one another. It's funny. I say it so often to Emma that I actually had a flash forward moment the other day when I imagined her as a teenager rolling her eyes and saying, "yeah, yeah Mom, I know. Whatever."

But I will consider myself successful at life if, at the end of my time here on earth, my family can say without any doubt that they were loved.

I also tend to think the little things matter, too. For instance, when Eric takes time away from watching a game or finishing some work to listen to me ramble on about something that is stressing me out, I know he loves me. When I receive a quick one-line email from my best friend telling me that she misses me, I know she loves me. And when I open up my Bible and read 6 little words, "For God so loved the world...", I know my God loves me.

Little things, or big things, be sure your loved ones how much you truly love them.

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