Monday, March 15, 2010

Vodka, Coffee & Before Photos

For this installment of "Let's Get Spring Clean"
(I can't find my logo! WHAT?! How does that happen? Keep fingers crossed I can find it!)
I'm sharing a few interesting tips I've received from
a few friends recently. Do you have any? I'd love to
hear them and share with your fellow readers!

  1. Fill spray bottle with vodka, spray on grout, leave 5 minutes and rinse.
  2. Coffee filters work better than paper towels to clean windows and glass.
  3. Toothpaste rubbed on silver helps buff out scratches.
  4. What your tip? Click "Write Me" to the left.
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Now, to keep myself honest and accountable with this
whole spring cleaning thing we've got going here,
(let's be honest, discipline is NOT my middle name)
I'm going to get brave and post some photos of my
two kitchen pantries BEFORE I tackle reorganizing
them - which is this week's goal.

Not the greatest pictures, but certainly
shows much room for improvement.
Hmmm....what will the "after" look like?
Tune in and find out!

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