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Goldilocks & 3 Bears Sock Puppets Tutorial (Guest Post)

I'm so excited to welcome out first guest poster,
Katie from Something Old, Something New.
Katie and I are swapping today, so be sure to hop
over to see a tutorial for easy art canvases.

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Goldilocks & the Three Bears Sock Puppets

Hi! My name is Katie and I am from
Something Old, Something New.  
I am so excited to get to be guest blogging today!
Thank you, Teresa, for letting me post here.
It is making me have a wonderfully good day!

So, on to the tutorial…
We have a lot of these

laying around the house that just don’t have a partner.

And I have one of these

with too much energy, I just don’t know what to do.

So, to use that energy in a positive way,
I like to find quick and easy crafts that can
take what I already have at home and make
something old into something new
(see the reason for the title of my blog?) 
To make the Goldilocks and 3 Bears
sock puppets, you will need: 

4 socks
(preferably colored, but if they are white you can color them!)
A hot glue gun or tacky glue
(glue gun is better, but tacky glue is easier for kids)
4-5 pipe cleaners or crafting wire
Scrap fabric or felt
Permanent markers or fabric pens
Yarn or embroidery floss
Rubber band

First, clear your work space.
(In my house this step might take a while - *smile*)

We will start with the three bears…

Take a pipe cleaner and cut it in half.
Then, fold each half into a triangle.
(Or make a triangle out of your crafting wire.)
Next, use the fabric and glue gun to “fill” in the
triangles so that they look like ears. 
You can see I used pink and brown fabric to
make it look like the inside of bears ears.

    Easy peasy. So repeat! Make 3 sets in total.

Pull out your markers and your socks.
Have your child put a sock on their  non-writing hand,

and using the other, have them decorate the bear.
My daughter made lines to look like the fur,
and on the top we did curls.
Don’t forget to add a face! Eyes, nose, mouth.
This part was lots of fun!

Next, add those pretty ears.
The best way to do this is for the adult to put
the puppet on his or her hand. Then use the
glue gun to carefully squirt a line on the bottom
of the triangle ears and squish them down on the
sock where you think they look good. 
(I suggest an adult because when I did it,
some of the hot glue went through the sock –ouch!)

Repeat until all 3 bears are complete!

Next comes Goldilocks.
To make this stunning beauty,
we will again start at the top!
Using the yarn or embroidery floss you choose,
cut 20 or so one foot pieces of the yarn.
Line them up together.
Next, take the rubber band and wrap it in the middle.
Four inches in from either end,
tie a knot to make it look like pigtails.
Remove the rubber band.

Now put the Goldilocks sock on your child’s non-writing hand,
and have your  child draw a face using the markers.
Eyes, nose, mouth, but leave room for her hair!

Have the adult put the Goldilocks on his or her
hand and using the hot glue gun add a line of glue
on the top. Try to have the yarn lay as flat as 
possible. Let the glue cool.

Now you are ready to retell the story!

Oh, if only you happened to have puppet theater…
wait…if you visit my blog  tomorrow,
you can find a tutorial for this…

Just in time for another summer afternoon!

Katie from Something Old, Something New

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