Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Perks of the Workplace

Many places of employment are into offering
enticing perks for coming to work for them.
On-site gyms, tasty cafeterias, cushy break rooms,
rock climbing walls, massage name it!

I work at my church as the director of media
and communications. To an outsider who works
in the corporate world, the only perk you might
recognize is a pretty decent benefits package.

However, I'm reminded this week of a unique
perk of working in such a wonderful place.

We've been hosting our annual summer
Vacation Bible School. Just look at these faces.


200+ kids.
200+ volunteers.

Yes, you read that right.
And we don't even have to beg people to volunteer.

They just come.
They take a week of vacation time to be here.

Because they have a heart for God
and a heart for the kids and each other.

Yes, it's noisier around here this week.
Yes, there are strange interruptions.
And yes, we've all worked hard to prepare.

But God is working here this week.
I feel it just sitting at my desk,
away from the hub-bub and excitement
down at the other end of the building.

To be present where God is at work.
That's the ultimate perk.


  1. VBS rocks... I can't wait for ours. What fun pics you captured. Hope your summer is going well. Those recipes looks YUMMMM! :) xoxo

  2. i think that is the best job perk out there.

  3. I miss VBS back home!!! Makes me think of FUMC-Kissimmee!!!!! :)