Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Blessed Little Nest Craft & Giveaway

While the weather outside is anything but frightful
(we hope!), we're still full of holiday cheer here
at It's a Good Day as we continue with our
Christmas in July week.

Today I am excited to welcome our first
guest blogger, Heather form Blessed Little Nest.

She's got a great Christmas craft idea AND
fabulous giveaway for you!
Give her a warm welcome and be sure to
leave her some comment love!

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Hello there It's a Good Day readers!
My name is Heather from Blessed Little Nest
and I'm excited to be participating in Teresa's Christmas in July.

I love to get crafty with a lot of things
but my two favorites are vintage goods and my kids,
so I came up with a super simple
way to incorporate both while creating some
stylish Christmas decor.

Paper snowflakes may be an oldy,
but in my book
they are always a goody!

Step 1. Find cool old book.
Dictionaries, cook books,
or books written in another language are all good choices.

Step 2. Rip out a page of said book,
cut off torn edges, and cut the page in half.

Step 3. Fold your half sheet in half twice.

Find a cute little boy that's been itching to
use your "fancy" scissors and let him help you.

Annoy said cute boy by taking WAY
too many pictures of him using the 'fancy' scissors.

Watch the snow begin to fall.

Hang your snowflakes at varying heights.

Enjoy the snow fall.

Happy Christmastime crafting!

And to help get you in the crafting spirit
I'd like to give away a mini crafting kit to one lucky reader!

The kit includes:
-vintage paper from a french book
for creating your own snowflakes,

-some bakers twine for hanging your snowflakes,

-a $10 gift card to Starbucks
(since all great crafting ventures include coffee),

-and a coffee sleeve from Let Love Grow.
100% of the proceeds from Let Love Grow
go towards paying adoption costs.

To enter to win Heather's mini crafting kit,
simply leave a comment below.
(One comment per person, please.
We're keeping things simple!)
Winner will be announced next Tuesday.

Be sure to enter our kick-off giveaway here.


  1. Oh!!! I loved making paper snowflakes with my Mom when I was little. My little man is getting old enough to use scissors...what a good craft for this Christmas!!!

  2. This is a oldie but goodie idea! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  3. I heart Heather and her crafty little heart!

  4. Great spin on the snowflake idea with the vintage paper! Would be a great idea to do the snowflakes from old christmas story books too! :)

  5. this is one of our favorite projects every winter! :)

  6. I just love Heather. She is so crafty. so spunky. and has the sweetest heart around. Love the idea.

  7. I adore paper snowflakes!!! I think they are so vintage and old-fashioned looking! I love to glitter some of mine too- Andrew will sure have fun this year making them with me! :) And FAB giveaway, yay!
    xoxox Holly

  8. HI Heather! Cute craft! I'm with you on paper snowflakes being an oldie but goodie. I would love to win the kit!

  9. Love using a variety of papers. Great idea!

  10. That is a super cute idea, anything with book pages is a hit with me... I love books, not only to read but to rip up and create with... Thanks for sharing...

  11. Love that idea, so simple, so fun, incredible!

  12. Kids love making snowflakes...that's for sure! Love the idea of using old books! FUN!

  13. Eeekk! I love it! Repurposing books always looks amazing!

  14. perfect craft idea for my 5 year old daughter who loves using scissors these days :)

  15. That's one of the prettiest coffee slevels I've seen! I love using old books to change up the snowflake idea.

  16. Love it. :)

    smartshopaholic at gmail dot com

  17. Christmas in July..what could be better. Great Blog..from one Heather to another :)

  18. Can see my grandson and I making snowflakes galore! Thanks Heather for reminding me how the simple crafts are usually the best!

  19. Love the ideas! I am getting excited!!!

  20. My fave part was the look on the cute little guy's face...priceless!

  21. What a delightful giveaway. Thanks for offering ideas and prizes to get us going on Christmas prep.

  22. What a great giveaway. I love things like this.

  23. Crafting + Starbucks = key to my heart. heaven. bliss.
    Please, please, please. Let me win!


  24. You are seriously making me want to stop dreaming and start crafting again!! :)

  25. What a great giveaway-its been so hot here in Michigan that I am ready to make "snowflakes"