Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mini Me?

My grandpa sent me this photo of my sister and I
(we're twins, if you can't guess) at almost exactly
the same age as my little munchkin is today.

Emma came out looking just like my husband.
No one could deny it. Not even me!
But as Emma has grown people have told me
how much she's starting to look like me.
I've had a hard time seeing it, but this photo
changes everything. I see so much of Emma
in me (I think I'm the one on the left...
it's hard for even me to tell sometimes).

What do you think?
You can see several pictures of Emma

Hope everyone had a GOOD day!


  1. i see it. i see a lot of you in your emma. sweet, sweet, sweet!!

  2. I've gotten the same thing. Everyone thinks that my daughter looks just like my hubby. I see me in her & a lot of people are saying that she looks like me now. It's nice isn't it?