Monday, July 19, 2010

Wait for It....

So, I'm stuck at work all day and in my
post-airport-trauma haze left my camera
with today's inaugural Christmas in July post
photos back at home in my unpacked suitcase.

(Note to self: Not the best plan to start an
exciting feature week the day after being
out of town for a whole week. Silly girl.)

*pausing to yawn over dramatically*

So, PLEASE PLEASE check back this evening
for a very exciting kick-off to our week of
pre-holiday fun with a pretty nifty giveaway
from yours truly....some cool stuff!

Then, check back multiple times each day
this week for guest posts and giveaways
from these awesome bloggers:

Julie at Joy's Hope
Holly at Mommy Holly

See you all real soon for some festive fun!

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