Monday, August 30, 2010

Money & Marriage

The hubs and I are about to take a scary step.
We're going to talk money.
I'm terrified (but hopeful).
I think he's just terrified.

But it's a GOOD thing.
Because it's a GOD thing.

I've felt an almost palpable tug
lately about getting our finances in order.
Being more intentional.
Being more responsible.
Being more honest about our limits.

Here's a deep dark secret.
I don't know squat about our finances.
OK, that's dramatic.
But true enough to be really scary.
Really irresponsible.
Really naive.

This tug on my heart led me to ask the hubs
to teach me about our money must-knows.

He's reluctant.
Understandably so.

It's been his territory for 8 years now.
And I'm wanting to come in and change things.
I'm wanting to learn.
I'm wanting to help.

Scary stuff.

This sort of shift has the potential
to break marriages. I know that.

But when God tugs at your heart,
it's for GOOD. It's for BETTER.

I'm trusting on the other side
will be a stronger, closer marriage.

With all that said, how do you budget?
What guidelines do you and your spouse
use to keep things in line?
How do you battle debt?

Chances are, I'm not the only one
who's been here. Who's been nervous.
Who's been naive.
Any advice shared here could help
me and countless other folks
facing the same situation.

Thanks for the advice!
You all are the best.
Good night, all.


  1. Dave Ramsey = Genius, in my opinion. We took his Money Makeover class a few years back and it was incredible. We personally don't follow it to a 'T' right now, but the basic principles laid a foundation for us that was life changing. If you aren't familiar with his method he is all about doing it from a biblical perspective, working towards being debt free, and uses a cash envelope system. Once you buy the program you have access to his site and all it's info for life. Good Luck, taking control of your money as a couple is so freeing!

  2. Be brave. Be bold. Be faithful. We put off that conversation for many years before discovering we had totally different views on the subject. It is a tough thing to do, but you are right to do it. My prayers are with you.