Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Caution: Creative Meltdown

I've been fighting a bit of a
crafting meltdown.

You know...a period of time
when you normally would
rush from putting the kiddie
to bed straight to your craft
stash to whip up something
that makes you smile, list it
on Etsy and post about...but
instead find yourself parked
on the couch waiting for the
first episodes of Fall TV
to come on...munch on the
no-bake chocolate oatmeal
peanut butter cookies your
husband made before he left
to go work out of town...
repress the knowledge of
the pile of laundry upstairs...
chat with your sister on
Facebook about above mentioned
Fall TV shows...stare at the stack
of clothes that need tagging for
next week's consignment sale
on your way back to the kitchen
for another no-bake cookie...

OK. Let's be real.
Maybe it's not a crafting meltdown
but more of a responsibility
meltdown. Rather not go to
the trouble of creating a logo
for that...too much concrete
evidence that the domestic
meter maid could use against me.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get
back my creative juices.


  1. Oh I definitely have those days. I had been staring at some knit fabric for the past two months that needed to be cut and stitched into a blanket. Not hard I just had no motivation to do it. FINALLY I did last night though. Granted I still have one more to make....maybe next week....
    And now I want a cookie....

  2. Who HASN"T had some days like that? I know I have them, but at least I don't have to concern myself with kids anymore. It will pass and then you will find yourself not being able to create fast enough and your whole house will be the cleanest and neatest its ever been!

  3. You and me both!!!! I have been way too unmotivated this week. Too much to do, things piling up, and I am not feeling my best on top of it. Oh yeah, and Grey's Anatomy is on tonight. :) Here's to hoping we get our creative juices going again soon!!! xoxox Holly