Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One of those days...(and a cure)

Not sure what is in the air,
but it seems as though something is amiss.

Wrong side of the bed...
Got off on the wrong foot...
Murphy's Law...
Insert your phrase of choice here
for an all around crappy start to the day.

But then I heard this song
by Audio Adrenaline
while taking a drive around town
during my lunch break:

What an awesome reminder that
God's there to pick us up
every. single. time.
we get down.
hallelujah. amen.

Have a GOOD day, friend.


  1. I think we all can say we've had a day start off like that. Thankfully we serve a God who reminds us it's no just about us, huh? Love this Audio A song! Hope your day is turning around. :)

  2. My day just got brighter! Sometimes- actually, often- God uses friends to pick us up in His name. You have just done that. :) Thank you!

  3. do you remember that show ally mcbeal and the smile therapy episode. you know, the one where the wacky short attorney would force himself to smile when he was having a bad time or was uncomfortable. well, whenever i have one of those days i make myself do exactly that. it's hard to have a crappy day when you've got a smile on your face. that and reminding myself that God always brings us a new moment to change things around. i hope your day turned around for you!!

  4. I love Heather's Ally McBeal reference. I love Audio Adrenaline. They are fabulous and don't you love how God just meets our needs through song on somedays?