Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gift Exchange Goodies and Show & Tell

Some exciting things have happened in the
last 24 hours. First, I made a big change.

I went darker and got bangs. Yep.
Had not planned on it when I walked
into the salon, but this is what I left with:

It's going to take some serious getting used to.
But I think I like it. I feel sassier. I think.
Sassy people don't question their sassiness, do they?

Secondly, a package came.
And, man did I luck out with a great buddy!
I got these two adorable flower headbands.

Special thanks to Amanda! I love these.
Check out her cute shop and buy up some goodies.

And last, but not least...
Winter officially came to Greensboro today.

Isn't it pretty?
We got a good inch or two I think.
A great addition to our weekend full
of fun Christmas traditions and events.
More on that later.

But now it's time to snuggle with my
honey on the couch in front of our tree...
did I mention he likes the new hair?

Tee hee.


  1. Cute headbands... how perfect a gift to show off your new do! I like the bangs too! I recently went with bangs too and I love them!

  2. First love the hair!! :) Second, those are some pretty headbands! Perfect for your new look. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing what everyone made!
    Happy Holidays!
    PS the next gift exchange will be this July. i hope you sign up again!