Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GOOD IDEAS: Gift-In-A-Jar Ideas

Before I get started, can I ask a favor?
Say a little prayer or cross your fingers
or whatever for my pitiful eyes.
I have terrible fall allergies and they seem
to have set up shop in my EYES this year!
They are uber itchy, red and dry.
And now I've rubbed them raw.
And I hate (despise) (loathe) eye drops.
Which has made for some interesting
scenarios at work and home recently
asking co-workers and hubby to help.
Oh me. Oh my.

Now, I bet you've got a few folks to give
gifts to this year like teachers, neighbors,
co-workers, volunteer buddies, sitters, etc.
but don't want to go overboard or over budget.
How about an easy and cheap GIFT-IN-A-JAR!

Here are some ideas I've seen floating around
that combine all-purpose jars and yummy recipes:

Enjoy making these yummy gifts!


  1. What great gift ideas. :) SO CUTE!

  2. These always look like such great ideas... but I never get around to it! lol