Monday, November 23, 2009

Ribbon & Button Bookmarks

My First Tutorial: Great Stocking Stuffers!
Ribbon & Button Bookmarks

I'm doing a Homemade Holidays pledge and
attempting to make the gifts we're giving this year.
I'm making these cute Ribbon & Button bookmarks
to go in several stockings I have to stuff.
These were great surprise sellers at my craft
show last weekend. Yay!

Want to make some?
It's easy peasy and QUICK!

Here's what you'll need:
18 inches of ribbon (I usually use 7/8" grossgrain for sturdiness)
Two coordinating buttons
Coordinating thread and needle
Fray Away or lighter to seal ends of ribbon

Seal the ends of your ribbon from fraying using Fray Away or a lighter,
which I prefer because it's quick. Just make sure your ribbon isn't flamable!

Measure three inches down from one end of the ribbon and
sew on one of the buttons, just threading a few times to secure.

Fold over ribbon remaining above button to make a loop.
Using needle/thread still attached to the first button,
secure the second button to the outside of the back of the loop
you just made by threading back and forth between front button.

When buttons are securely sewn on, simply knot thread
on backside of bookmark and clip close to the button.

Viola! Stocking stuffer goodness!

*Does this make sense? It's my first attempt at a tutorial!
I'd appreciate feedback. I know the photos aren't great.
(I asked Santa for new camera!) Thanks!!

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  1. Thanks for the great idea. I made a bunch of these with my 7 year old. The sewing wasn't too pretty, so I just hot glued another, smaller button over the original one, and they looked pretty good. I linked up to you on my blog when I mentioned I made thise