Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have a confession to make:
I've fallen prey to the pressure
of the holiday season.

I have spent countless hours focused
more on decorating than discipleship;
more on making gifts than making memories;
and more on working than worshipping.

This all dawned on me this week as I
finished printing a custom order of Christmas
cards that donned the following verse:

Click on the verse above for a larger
version you can set as your desktop image,
place on note cards, or whatever! Enjoy.

As I sat in my home office finishing these cards
I was amazed at how this verse suddenly
sent chills all over my body.

This is where it all started...
a simply prophecy fulfilled on one
starry night in Bethlehem...
with a tiny baby in a humble manger.
Seemingly obscure characters welcomed
the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
into this world to eventually save us all.

Today I say a prayer of thanks
to God for being
MY Wonderful Counselor,
MY Mighty God,
MY Everlasting Father,
MY Prince of Peace.

The miracle is that Jesus is
all these things for an entire
world of hurting, confused,
mis-focused, empty, wandering
people looking for an answer...
a Savior.  Let him be yours.

If you want to learn more about
this "Jesus thing" let me know!

And have a Merry Christmas.
May it be focused on celebrating
the beginning of it all.

1 comment:

  1. What a moving witness to the power of CHRISTmas!!

    Sharon, Alabama