Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas (and More)

So my intensions to be fully prepared for Christmas
about two weeks ago failed miserably.
These last several days I've been scrambling
about as much as I ever have to get done with
all of the wrapping, cooking, and what-have-you.

So, this post is going to make up for not having
posted for nearly a week (for shame!), and
cover several things. To streamline a bit,
I'm going to use lots of pictures.  But first...

I wish you a Christmas filled with
many wonderful memories and love!

So, the snow storm did indeed bring us
up to about 6 inches of snow!  That's the
most we've had in a long time!  It was so
pretty, but conditions were not too dangerous
so it was easy to enjoy it all!  Here are
some pictures from around our house.

A neighbor made an awesome snow man!

Emma seeing snow for first time.

Finally, she decides she likes it.  Silly girl.


And here are some gifts I've been meaning
to post about. Unfortunately, after some
weird mishap, my bookmarks disappeared
on my computer and I can't locate which
blog I saw these on recently.  I'll do some
searching and hopefully give credit where
credit is due soon.  So cute and easy.

These just used trimmed scrapbook paper
and buttons hot glued to some clothes pins
with a magnet attached to the back.
Sort of shabby chic, in a crafty way, huh?


A little while ago, we went to our local
Christmas parade and I wanted to share some
great pictures of the festivities!

That's Emma waving at this guy coming:

Very Americana, don't you think?


And, finally, here's proof that my daughter
harbors multiple personalities. Luckily,
both are at least cute in their own way.

"Krazy Kid" Emma:

"Not Impressed at All" Emma:


Hope you've liked the longest post in Good Day
history.  Thanks for bearing with me and
letting me play catch up.  I'm on vacation next
week, so might not be posting too much.

I will, however, be posting soon about the
always popular New Years Resolutions.
What's yours for 2010?

See you soon!  Enjoy the holiday!  

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