Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tab-Top Canned Gifts!

Disclaimer: If you are my best friend Jennifer,
DO NOT CONTINUE! You will risk seeing some
potential gifts coming your way. Tee hee.
Everyone else may continue.


OK. Back to regular posting mode. :)
Look what I made!!!
(I'm super pat-myself-on-the-back proud of these!)

I saw the neatest idea recently for packaging little gifts
using tab-top food cans and knew I had to try it.
Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me remember or
find where I first saw these. So, if it's your idea,
PLEASE let me know so I can give you credit!

Updated:  Thanks to Becca over at Blue Cricket Designs
for reminding me of her tutorial for these.  See hers here.
Kind of coincidental considering I've linked these on
her "Show & Tell" post today!  See below for that.

Here's some easy steps so you can make some too.

Start by using a can opener to open the BOTTOM
of a tab-top can of food. We've now got tons of
frozen crushed pineapple. Best can I could find.
I left a small edge of the bottom lid attached
to make a later step easier.
Wash and completely dry cans.

Then, gather some small gifts and candy and
pack your goodies in the can. Some ideas include
crayons, tiny play-doughs, stickers, small balls,
candy, mini cars, little games/puzzles. Here's a shot of
some things I got for my best friends little boys:

Be sure your can isn't over packed and that your bottom
lid can fit back on correctly. Lay the lid back down and
hot glue around the edges to seal closed.

Tip: I was afraid the hot glue was going to seep down onto
some of the contents so I cut a circle of paper to fit just
inside the can so when I folded the lid back down, so
then the hot glue would touch the paper and not the toys.

Next, cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the outside
of the can. I used hot glue to secure, but I think the
tutorial I saw suggested Modge Podge as an adhesive.

I then cut a coordinating circle of paper to cover the lid.
I had to cut a wedge out of the circle (see above photo)
so that I could slide it to fit under the tab. I then took
the wedge clipping, cut in half, and use to cover the rest
of the can lid so you don't see any silver on top.
I just used a glue stick for this top piece.

Then just add ribbon to embellish as you wish.
I applied to the slides of the can as well as tied several
coordinating pieces to the actual tab. Then added a
cute coordinating tag to each can.

I just LOVE how these turned out. I think kids will
get a kick out of opening these up on Christmas.
I also think these could be altered to make awesome
birthday party favors or baby shower gifts. Super fun.

Ok now. Go get you some canned food and get
crafting! I know you want to. Go ahead. :)


PS - I'm sharing this post as part of Blue Cricket Design's
Be sure to visit and see all the
other fun ideas floating around out there.


  1. Very fun idea! Kids (and grown ups) would get such a kick out of opening thses!

  2. Yours turned out great! I have a tutorial on my blog as well...


    Thanks for linking!

    Becca @ Blue Cricket Design

  3. Becca! Thank you! These were the ones I saw before, so I am so glad you saw them and I can link you. Will edit the post now!

  4. Super cute gift ideas. You are so crafty;)!!

    Thanks for your sweet comments earlier today. You blessed my socks off:)

  5. THis is such a cute idea! I am going to make some for my dad and FIL!

    THanks for linking up! : )

  6. I loved these when I first saw them over at Rebecca's blog, I think they are a great idea for kids. Yours turned out so cute, good job!