Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Card of the Month Club: February (AND GIVEAWAY)

It's time for February's
Card of the Month
and love is in the air.

This FREE download is set up as a folded note card for you to print, cut and either send as is or embellish to make it all your own.

Simply click here to download this month's design. Each file looks like the image below, with easy instructions and guides for trimming to just the right size. (Click image to enlarge.) In fact, you could right click and save the image file to your computer and print from that....but the downloadable PDF file from the link above is set to high print quality.

We didn't have any downloads last month (sad face) but several of you did view the design, so I'd like to hear from you. What would be easier? Do you have a better idea for how I can upload the design for you to get? Just think the whole idea is silly?

I really want to share some fun designs with you, so I care enough about what you all think that I'll be giving away a set of printed notecards to one lucky reader who leaves a comment telling me what you think about the Card of the Month designs. Yay for constructive criticism!! You'll be entered twice if you have a friend pop over and leave a comment too (just make sure they mention your name in their comment so I'll enter you again.) *Edited to add: Deadline for comments to be posted for giveaway is Sunday, Feb. 14 at midnight.

Also, click the brown "Write Me" button to the left and send me an email with a photo of your January card that you embellished, or sent to someone special. I'd love to post what you all are doing with your Cards of the Month. Thanks!

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  1. Hi - I found you via crap ive made, and have downloaded your valentine design. Thank you! I'm psyched you're doing these cards because I love sending people snail mail, but sometimes get too busy to make my own designs. Keep it up - thanks!I'm going to send the Love one to my grandmother.