Friday, February 12, 2010

Race to the Valentine Finish Line!

I had planned to do cute Valentine's Day treat bags for my daughter's day care friends. All week last night was going to be the night Emma and I shopped for the goodies and put them all together. But some unexpected last-minute plans for a family birthday found us at Hooter's until almost 8pm. (Yes, Hooters....another day, another post, another story!).

So, while in the shower this morning it all of a sudden hit me that I had not done anything for these Valentine's Day treats. PANIC! AGH!

To my trusty craft station I ran!
I ended up sticking some of these:

up the side of a flat pink card with
"Happy Valentine's Day, (kid's name)! Love, Emma"
with a dark pink Sharpie at the top.

Then I cut two slits on the side of the card
with a razor blade
(in my haste I could not locate my craft knife!)
and inserted one of these:

Luckily, Emma's in-home daycare only has 4 kids.
Whew! That's what 10 minutes and on-hand craft
supplies can do for ya! Hallelujah!

(Sorry, no photos. No time for camera!)

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