Thursday, April 15, 2010

103rd Post! (with FREE DOWNLOAD)

With the extra *craziness* going on in my life lately,
I just now realized that I hit my 100th post three
posts ago. So, yes, this is technically my 103rd post
but I don't think you'll mind celebrating late!

To commemorate this momentuous occasion,
I'd like to give away this FREE DOWNLOAD!

To download this design, click HERE.

This fun design can be printed from home,
trimmed using provided marks and your
paper cutter, and used for MANY uses...
lists, notes to your sweetie, honey-do lists,
reminders, craft ideas, etc.

Use the extra space at the top to attach
several sheets, once cut, with brads,
colorful staples, ribbon, clipped with a
clothespin magnet on the fridge...
the possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoy and thanks for following
me through these first 100 (+3) posts!


  1. HOw did you know that I have 100 billion things swirling around in my head that simply must be written down?
    Thanks for the fun download. Love it!