Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Diagnosis: A Strong Willed Child

So, we blog what we know, right?
Well, here's what I know for sure...
I have had what is arguably the most challenging
few days being a mom since Emma was born.

I have the sweetest, most loving child
who gives sweet kisses and hugs,
laughs when you sing Itsy Bitsy Spider,
and gets excited to throw things away
in the garbage can. What's not to love?

She is also the strongest willed child
I have ever encountered. ever.

Over the weekend she pushed all my buttons
as if it was her intention to break me.
She was in time out no less than 6 times on Sunday...
clearly deciding the punishment was worth
whatever crime tempted her.

She throws a fit every time I say "no"
suggest we do something else, or,
heaven forbid, I don't understand her.

I'm sure the world is frustrating and
confusing for an 18-month old. But I'm
so overwhelmed and feel beaten down.

Until I can make my way through
James Dobson's "The Strong Willed Child"
I would VERY MUCH appreciate any
advice, stories, suggestions from any of
you who have found yourself in similar situations.

For now...deep breaths!


  1. Yes, deap breaths! we have a now 4 year old strong willed child, it can be hard! I have not read the book but need to. My only suggestion would be to stay CALM and be consistant.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Londen.

  3. Hilarious! I completely relate. hang in there...

  4. I read your post and had to laugh a bit...not at you but with you since I am going through the opposite issue. I have a very strong willed, confident daughter who knows exactly what she wants, where she's going and how to do it. Then she turned six 2 weeks ago and now she cries for no reason and I ask her why and she gets even sadder and says, I don't know....I just am. I feel sorry for her because I can tell she truly is at a loss of why she feels sad. All the sudden I'm longing for that headstrong, super confident little girl to reappear! I hate to see her sad for no reason. I hope its just part of growing up and will be addressing with her doctor at our next check up. Good luck! Lots of deep breaths for mommies and tons of love for the little ones.....seems to be the cure-all for most that ails us.