Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Day Ambassador: Joy's Hope

Maybe it's her wicked sense of humor.
Maybe it's the obsession with fonts that we share.
Maybe it's her Cali heart the size of Texas.

But there's just SOMETHING about
Julie from Joy's Hope.

I'm please to announce that Julie is our
Good Day Ambassador for the month of June!

Joy's Hope was one of the first blogs I started
following. It wasn't long before she had my vote.
If you're not a follower of Julie's I suggest starting
with Joy's story. Julie's zest for life has a lot to do with her past,
wounds and all, and the joy that comes with the morning.

Now, let's face it, the whole look and feel of Joy's Hope
makes you smile, doesn't it? It screams California,
sunshine and laughs. The teal/orange/pink motif is
signature Julie. See for yourself:

But listen. As cute as Julie's blog is, there's more.
As I mentioned above, this chick's got heart.
I think if I lived in Cali I'd beg her to be my friend.
She seems to love - and love big.

Let's start with her #1 love (I'm assuming):
her way too adorable family.

I shamelessly included so many photos because
they not only showcase her alarmingly beautiful
girlies, but also her funky, cool, sweet sense
of style and color! I mean, come on people!
A glimpse at these faces on Julie's posts should
make anyone's day a good one - don't you agree?

Another draw of mine to Julie is her love of
helping others who cannot help themselves.

Julie joined forces with other bloggers and crafters
to raise funds to purchase water wells in Ethiopia.
Read this first post on Project 320's blog and get
the perfect glimpse of the blessing Julie is to this world.

I also have to mention Julie's sunny and refreshing
"Happy Sundays," like this little gem:

It also doesn't hurt that her cutie pie hubby
is a former band member of a super cool band
AND she's been in a real-life music video.

These are some of MY reasons why Julie deserves
to be our Good Day Ambassador this month.
So many ways of bringing good to the forefront.
What are your reasons for loving Julie?
Be sure to visit Joy's Hope and tell her yourself.


  1. Thanks for that, I will have to check out her blog.

    About your comment on the mountains, I totally agree ;^)

  2. love Julie's blog, so glad I now found yours, too :). Can't wait to dive in!