Friday, June 11, 2010

Help a Girl Out...

If you don't laugh even a little bit at this photo
you might be dead inside. Just sayin'.

Julie, from Joy's Hope, is getting a lot of
press around here. But that's a benefit of
being our current Good Day Ambassador -
like an EZ Pass at Disney. Don't hate. :)

Anyway, you can help Julie and her family
win an iPad by voting for this hysterically
sweet photo of her youngest, Janie, in a
photo contest going on right now.
Even better is Julie's post begging for votes.
Click here for that, then bust a move and
cast your 4 votes - now. do it.

And, I'm not shamed to also BEG you
to leave a comment on Julie's post telling
her I sent you - because that gets ME more
chances to win her bribe bootie!

Not my most shining moment...
but as the song goes,
"I ain't to proud to beg."


  1. Love it!!!
    We do what we have got to do, right?

  2. i voted for miss janey. i mean really, with that pout you have to! thanks for adding the bloggers guide button! you rock :)

  3. That is seriously so cute! I love it:) Off to vote. And lovin' your blog design. It's like a breath of fresh air over here:)

  4. Hi! I'm over from the Goat's blog. That photo is hysterical... i'll vote! And I'll drop a comment about your blog. :)

  5. Hey Teresa... I hope you don't mind; but I gave you a "highlight" on my blog for your recipe from last week's link up. I put a link to your blog and the recipe on there. Happy day to you, friend! xoxo