Friday, July 23, 2010

CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Mommy Holly Kids Craft & Giveaway

Here we are on our last day of this week's
Christmas in July feature.

Have you had fun?
What has been your favorite part so far?

I certainly hope you've jotted down and
bookmarked some of the ideas you've seen
from our awesome guest posters.

Today we begin with a cute project idea for
preparing your kids for the Christmas season
from my good blog buddy Holly from Mommy Holly.
You're gonna LOVE how simple and cute this is!

Be sure to stop back by later today for another
great tutorial from Julie at Joy's Hope...
and a wrap up of our Christmas in July week!

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Last year, my son was in kindergarten and as the room mom, I wanted to make sure the kids had a spectacular holiday party! We decorated holiday cookies, and the kids got to take home some goodies I put together for them: a fabulous craft bag, full of goodies they could use over winter break, and the most adorable holiday tshirts! So I am here today to teach you all how to make a "Rudolph the Reindeer" T-shirt, which is the easiest craft to make, but it's so cute and effective!!

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Here's what you'll need!

White Tshirt
Large Round Spongebrush (You can find them at Michael's or JoAnn's!)
Tiny Round Spongebrush (cut half of it off to make an "ear shape!")
Brown Fabric Paint
Brown & Red Puff Paint (that are ok for fabrics as well!)
Small Googly Eyes
FabriTac Glue
Small pieces of aluminum foil

Simply place a small square of aluminum foil inside the shirt where you want the reindeer to be. Then squeeze a little brown paint onto another piece of foil and dip the large spongebrush into it and stamp onto the shirt. Then dip the small round spongebrush (cut into an ear shape) into the paint and sponge the ear shape onto the reindeer's head. Lay out to dry for at least a few hours so that the brown paint can fully set. When it's dry, bust out the puff paint and googly eyes to finish up the details! Glue on the googly eyes with the FabriTac glue, and then be creative- use the brown puff paint to give your reindeer some antlers, and a small dot of red paint for the nose. Let dry at least four hours or until the puff paint is completely set.
And ho, ho, ho!!
Your reindeer is ready for a Christmas night out! :)
{And PS. your kids will adore it!}

Thank you so much Teresa,
for hosting this fabulous holiday week!!
I am honored to be a part of it! :)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Thanks to Holly for this cute craft for the kiddies.

What's better? Holly is giving away some GOODIES
from her Mommy Holly shop. As a paper addict,
I am particularly jealous that I'm ineligible to win.
(secretly pouting)

YOU could win a set of these awesome
Christmas cutouts, brand new in her shop:

Vintage Dictionary Reindeer Cutouts

Holiday Bird Cutouts

Christmas Truck Gift Tags

These would make preparing for Christmas
a cinch - and super cute and fun too.

To enter to win, simply visit Holly's shop
and come back here to leave a comment
telling what your favorite item is.
(One comment per person please.
We're keeping things simple around here.)
Winner will be announced next Friday.

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