Monday, August 2, 2010

It's August! & Two NEW Winners

I grew up in Orlando. Did you know that?
I had a great childhood but hated the hot weather.
The humidity. The bugs.
I didn't know just how much I hated it until I went
away to college to the mountains of North Carolina
at Mars Hill College.

That first fall in the mountains was life changing.
I honestly was mesmerized and in awe over God's
breathtaking creation. The colors. Oh my the colors.

The tree outside my dorm with its yellow leaves
so bright in the morning light that it almost glowed...
The smell of earthy leaves covering the ground
and chimney smoke filling the air....
That crinkly sound of the wind blowing through
the thinning trees, cool and crisp...
The fall festival in the town square with bales of hay
and home grown pumpkins and apple cider...
The honest to goodness hayride through the woods
listening to wolves howl in the night air.
Yep - that year fall I officially became obsessed with fall.

To this day I can't think about fall without thinking
of my and my best friend Jennifer who still lives up
in those mountains. We share the same love for all
things autumn. Luckily I've got a girl's trip to see Jen
this month, which will surely include chatting about
fall being so close around the corner.

And for some reason, the start of August has since been
the kickoff in my mind of the count down to fall.
I can somehow feel it coming in the air.
I have the urge to buy raffia and spiced candles.
Yesterday I got out my old Country Living magazines -
always a good source for some ideas. More on that later.

So, I'll be featuring lots of fall ideas, crafts, recipes and
more in the coming weeks. Do you have a great idea you'd
like to share with the It's A Good Day readers?
Do you have a giveaway for some autumn awesomeness?
Just email me. I'd love to feature you and your ideas.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I never did hear from two of last week's winners,
so I did another pick for each one.

The new lucky winner of the Blessed Little Nest
giveaway is Megan from The Brassy Apple!
(Who incidentally has the cutest stuff!!!)

The new lucky winner of the Farmgirl Paints
giveaway is Amanda from

Thanks ladies!


  1. I love Fall. It is actually my favorite time of the year. I am excited to see the fun stuff you feature for Fall!

  2. I just had to comment. I grew up in the mountains of NC, Asheville and went to college at Appalachian State. I also share a love of fall. We now live in SW FL and I do miss it and do what I can to my house to make if feel like fall!!