Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Leafy Turkey Thanksgiving Card

As I mentioned on Monday, the colors of fall never
cease to amaze me. Here in North Carolina, we're blessed
with such vibrant colors when the leaves begin to change.

I've got a fun Thanksgiving paper craft for those
of you who share my love of autumn leaves.

Using leaves from my backyard last fall,
this little gobbler came right to life!

This card craft doesn't warrant a formal tutorial.
Make your card with whatever paper, message you want.
But I will offer some tips that I found worked best.
  1. Use freshly fallen leaves that are still soft. Dry ones will just crumble.
  2. Live in an area without fallen leaves? Use silk ones from craft store.
  3. A gently application of a glue stick works best on the leaves.
  4. I cut the body of the turkey free hand, but two sizes of circle punches work too, then just layer the two circles to make the body.
  5. Freehand triangle for the beak; tear drop cutout for the "gobble" (?)
  6. I would do these close to mailing time so leaves don't dry out weeks before going through the postal system.
  7. A sheet of tissue over the card before placing in the envelope will help protect the leaves, too.
What's your favorite craft using leaves?

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