Monday, September 13, 2010

GOOD DAY: New Hair & Goodies

With the start of fall, I've been itching to
get back to my darker hair color. The honey
colored highlights for summer were
great, but it was time to warm things up!

My hair stylist, Ashli, goes to my church
and I just love her. She does such a great
job that it's worth the 25 minute drive
to her salon. What do you think? I love it.

What could make my day better than a
fun new hair style? GOODIES IN THE MAIL,
of course! I was so excited to open the
mailbox and see a package waiting for me
from Mommy Holly. I won a giveaway
for $10 to her shop and look at all the
AMAZING stuff I picked out. I can't
wait to put them all into action.

Since Monday's are my half-day at work,
I've still got almost 2 hours before I have
to pick up Emma. I think a pumpkin spice latte
is in order. Don't you? Have a GOOD day, friend.


  1. New hair do's are always refreshing. I am growing my hair out right now, so coloring it and wearing fun hair accessories is about all I have:)

  2. love your hair! so cute and sassy!!
    don't you just love how far 10 bucks with miss holly?! love what you picked out.