Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where I've Been (and Where I'll Be)

Remember this post
about all the things I was putting off?

Well, during my lag of blogging
these last few days,
I've been playing catch up.
Plus helping put on a big event
at church and get ready for
this little sweetie's birthday
coming up this weekend.

So that's where I've been.

But where will I be?

Next week, I'm excited to tell you
that I'll be over here as part of
Heather's Handmade & Vintage Market.

She'll be hosting some awesome bloggers
and crafters showcasing some ideas
to help you kick off your holiday shopping.
Be sure to stop by and see what I'll be
sharing on Wednesday.

Then the following week, I'll be here
as part of Holly's Homemade Halloween.

She'll be hosting lots and lots of spooky
crafts, tips, ideas, giveaways and more.
You won't want to miss the boo-teaful
creep-ation I'll be sharing.
(cheesy play on words, I know.)

And once again here come some
excuses for why I may not make it
to once-a-day posting this week:

Consignment Sale at Church.
Family coming into town.
2 Year Old's Birthday Party.
Shop orders.
Holiday Bazaar fast approaching.

Don't feel sorry for me.
It's just MY fall craziness.
What's yours?
I'd love some comments to
keep me going this week.
Hope to post again soon.


PS - Just noticed this is my
200th post. Holy blogger, Batman!


  1. Happy 200 posts, my friend!!! And yay for the blog events coming up so soon!!! :) AND happy birthday to that darling little bug, as well!
    xoxox Holly

  2. happy 200! i'm so excited your involved in next week. i think it's going to be a blast!

  3. You are one busy lady:)