Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Interrupt Your Crazy Week for the Following...

I had given myself permission to neglect my blog
this week in order to prepare for this craft show.

But then I logged onto Facebook and saw a link to
this post from Kellie at This Blessed Nest.
Everything changed and I had to find 5 minutes
to share this piece of HEAVEN with you.

Hazelnut Chocolate & Pumpkin Panini

She had me at Nutella and Pumpkin.
Take a moment to go wipe the drool off your face.
(Tell me I'm not the only one!)

Oh my harvest flavors.

Now back to your (my) regularly scheduled
week of craziness and mayhem.


  1. heeeyyy!

    it is drool worthy! every melted morsel of it!


    thanks for the repost, girlfriend! wishing you TONS of luck at your show!!!


  2. this is so unfair. i really want some of that, it sounds delicious!!