Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hormones, The Grinch and Stevie Wonder

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This is what I felt like (and probably looked like)
this morning. I'm blaming hormones on the really
poor mood I was in. Probably a pretty valid excuse
this particular time. One minute I was ready to
blubber into a pile of tears and sniffles. The next
minute I was ready to wage World War III with
my poor husband. I even found myself thinking
that running away sounded like a good option.
Dramatic, but we all have these days, right?

I just hate it's the week of Christmas
and I've got a case of the Grinches.

Flash forward to my lunch break.
I decided it was a good idea to grab lunch
and take a drive. Driving in my car alone
always helps me center a little. Weird?
I'm also a Car Singer. You know...those
crazy people you catch at red lights or
as you casually glance to the car beside you.
So I scanned the radio for a song that I
could really jam to....get some tension out.
A few scans in I landed on "Superstition"
by Stevie Wonder. PERFECT.
I'm sure I looked ridiculous.
Bopping my shoulders and groovin'.
I had it up so loud I'm pretty sure it could
have started one of those spontaneous
singing moments at the stop light
where everyone all of a sudden joins in with
no rehearsal like an episode of Glee.

There's something about that kind of music.
Do you know what I mean?
Playing a song like that with such big sound
and a beat that gets down into your bones.
I think jamming like that in my car is also
some sort of introvert therapy. Out in public
I would NEVER get down and groove like I do
in my car when that sort of music comes on.
It feels good to let it out.

Anyway. Thanks Stevie. You rock.

Need some get-away-Grinch therapy?
Here ya go.

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  1. Glad that Stevie was able to turn your day around. Here's to hoping that you wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow :)