Monday, July 19, 2010

CHRISTMAS IN JULY: It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like a GIVEAWAY!

Apologies for my somewhat frazzled post
earlier today. Don't you hate it when things
don't go just how you hoped they would?

As I mentioned earlier today, this week is all about
giving you some great tips for planning ahead for
the holidays. You might be rolling your eyes saying,
"Teresa, we've got 150+ days. What's the rush?!"

Well, if you're like me (who LOVES Christmas)
you start keeping an eye out for gift ideas,
recipes to bookmark, etc. That's why I decided
it would be fun to round up some of my favorite
bloggers and provide you with some fun tips,
craft ideas, tutorials, and of course giveaways.
Winners will have the chance to grab up some
gifts for those on your "nice" list -- or keep for
yourself -- we won't tell Santa! :)

To kick things off, I've got a great giveaway.

But there's one catch.

You just gotta trust me.

You see, my trusty little USB photo card
reader thingy has gone MIA - so I've got no
way to post the photo I took last week of
all the goodies up for grabs.

So, for now, here's what you get:

Some great stationery to plan your great parties,
paper for Christmas correspondence, plus some
GOOD DAY goodies to trim your gifts and
decorate your home.

Hopefully, I can post a photo of the goodies soon.

In the meantime, to enter to win, simply leave a
comment telling me what you do to plan ahead
for Christmas or a favorite tip you find works!

One comment per person, please.
We're keeping things simple around here.

That's it!
Winner will be announced next Monday.

Wait! There's more!
To compliment this week of pre-holiday fun,
I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders
through July 25th from my Etsy shop!!!
'WHAT?! That's crazy! Better get shopping!

Have a holly, jolly CHRISTMAS IN JULY!


  1. I am hoping to get all my presents made before Christmas so I'm not freaking out the whole month of December.

  2. Since I own a flower store, and all of December is crazy for us, I try to have all my gifts organized before December even starts. This year I'm hoping to make a lot of my presents, so I plan to start early!

  3. I start making my Xmas cards in October and they are done by Thanksgiving.

  4. I start and finish all my Christmas shopping in October! I need to be ahead of the game to keep my from feeling incredibly stressed out!

  5. How fun! I am a new follower and I am actually pregnant due at the end of Novemeber... so this year I will have to do everything ahead of time! I am actually excited about getting the house ready for the holidays! I love Christmas, I can't wait!

  6. I handmake my Christmas Cards so I usually get a start on them in September so I will have them all done in time. I also start looking for different pattern and craft ideas so I can make alot of my gifts myself. Christmas is my favorite season! I can't wait to read all the posts this week.

  7. lovely to have found you!!
    as a huge christmas lover i plan to have all my pressies for australia- we currently live in ol'blighty- wrapped and posted by october...and then i get down to sewing for my kiddos and our decorations ready for hopefully another snowy christmas up here in the countryside...
    i'm gonna love this getting ready with you- i don't care if its still 150+ days to go!!
    melissa x

  8. Oh what fun to get this give a way. I love talking Christmas in this heat. Makes me feel cooler. Thanks for the chance.

  9. I start making my now! I try to plan where the travels will take us too!
    purejoycreative at gmail

  10. i always shop early. i start looking for fun ideas and deals in the summer/fall, so that by the time december rolls around, most of my shopping is done!

  11. This year I want to try to make some gifts, which means I need to plan in August to get that done!

  12. im already starting on my christmas gifts in the 100 degree heat!

  13. This Christmas my twin girls will be ONE year old! I can't wait to watch them "open" their presents..I have already started planning on crafting some great gifts for Christmas this year!

  14. My goal is to have everything ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the holiday season with no stress. The thing that helps me the most is writing out a list early of the people I give to(like now!!!) and writing down things people say they like so when I do the shopping or making I already have it all there in front of me!

  15. I always try to have my shopping done and wrapped for my children by end of September for all the small stocking stuffers and things I find on sale. We then only have to budget for the main gift come November / December. I want to change out all my christmas decor this year. So I will be having a yard sale to make money to put to new decorations and crafts for the holiday. I was country gingerbread theme and want something more formal with ribbon and glass balls.

  16. I plan to NOT allow my dear hub to buy presents for his family this'll be buying/making them early before he even thinks about it! :)

  17. Well, there are always good intentions...some accomplished, some still waiting... I like to sew ahead, make up gifts that I can. Now, I am even shopping for gifts while the Back to School sales have techy things at deep discounts for my college aged son and high school daughter. :)


  18. I've been hosting with a Christmas in July theme at theme this week, with free downloads. I clicked over from Someday Crafts, which I think is an amazing and fun site! Now I'm off to browse your etsy shop, too.

  19. I usually write a list of everyones names on a piece of paper and as I go through the months and buy things I can write down what presents go to whom. So then when its around christmas I can pull the list out with all the presents.

  20. I have a schedule, Hand made items done by Oct 31st. Christmas photos by first week in Nov. Cards made by 2nd week in Nov, Neighbor gifts, shopping done, cards addressed and sent, etc, all is done by first weekend in Dec, then the rest of the month can go toward last minute things that come up, parties, and enjoying the real reason for the season

  21. I always keep an eye out, year-round, for Christmas gifts. Even if it's February - if I see something I know would make a good gift, I go ahead and get it and just hang onto it until December! And if I have an idea for a hand-made item I know someone would like, I start making it before I forget.

  22. I shop all year long..
    my shopping is over and finished by Sept in order to ship my parcels early!
    cards are finished and mailed the day after thanksgiving.
    then I sit back and enjoy the beauty of the season, decorating leisurely..

  23. One thing I do to make the holidays less frazzled is make up dry ingredients for baked goods in advance. It's okay to mix flour, sugar, cocoa powder, etc. together and store in tightly sealed containers in the fridge or freezer until needed. Just don't add liquid or soft ingredients until you are ready for them. I found that out the hard way. :)

  24. I have already "won" some of the Christmas presents that I am giving through contests that I enter like this one-:) I also keep my eye out on sales etc.